OUR TEAM inc. Food Scientist (duncan McDonald)

Duncan McDonald - Founder

Duncan McDonald, AIFST board member, highly respected experienced food scientist, GAICD

Founder and Managing Director

Leader in the food science industry providing technical consulting, research and development.  

For more information go to my Linkedin profile 

email: duncanm@provyda.com.au

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Alex McDonald

Alex McDonald, General Manager of logistics and qualified lawyer

General Manager of Logistics, Operations and Professional Services

Specialising in product supply, logistics management and legal requirements.  

For more information on my legal and logistics management background go to my Linkedin profile

email: alex@provyda.com.au


Kathryn McDonald

Kathryn McDonald, General Manager of Marketing, Masters of Marketing

General Manager of Marketing and Communications

Sourcing new food ingredient trends in the marketplace as well focusing on the communication strategy for Provyda. 

For more information on my marketing, advertising and retail background go to my Linkedin profile 

email: kathrynm@provyda.com.au

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Sylvia Strike


Office Administrator

Sylvia is responsible for our office administration which includes financial account reporting, processing of accounts and document management. 

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Bergie McDonald


Office fur baby

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Provyda - ingredients and business development

to find out more about our product ranges and ingredients or advice on the food industry from our food scientist, please email Duncan or Alex.

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